EDRR priorities for Shasta-Trinity NF

The Shasta-Trinity National Forest used the distribution information in CalWeedMapper as a primary source to establish management priorities for the forest. The Shasta-Trinity is the largest forest in California at 2.1 million acres. Much of this area is fragmented with private and other land ownerships, making up an additional 1 million acres that are outside of the management jurisdiction of the Forest Service, but within the outer boundary of the Shasta-Trinity.

Their resulting strategy enables the forest to use an early detection and rapid response approach. In addition, this process identified a small number of eradication targets that represent the low hanging fruit that can be acted on now in an effort to prevent further entrenchment of these species in the landscape.

See a description of their process and priority species in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest Non-Native Invasive Plant Management Priorities report.

This project also spawned coordination and cooperation at various scales throughout the 5 county region of the Shasta Trinity National Forest. Thank you to the USFS, NFF and the CA LCC for support of our regional efforts!