Regional Strategy

Cal-IPC is working with regional partners to set landscape-level strategies, secure implementation funding, and build a coordinated approach statewide. Click on the map to see regional efforts underway!



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Strategic Plan and Eradication Workplan are complete. In August of 2015, the Wildlife Conservation Board (WCB) funded an effort to eradicate 6 species over the next 5 years! Use the ID presentation on the 26 priority species to learn more about this region’s top concerns.

North Central

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Strategic Plan and Eradication Workplan are complete. Funding opportunities worksheet is compiled and WCB application is submitted. Many thanks to Marilyn McEvoy and Richard Tate for their work creating a stellar ID presentation of their 23 priority species.

Bay Area

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Cal-IPC has absorbed BAEDN and is furthering this Bay Area EDRR effort. Steering Committee completed WCB proposal to eradicate 7 early detection species from riparian areas. Work is underway on grant proposal to eradicate an isolated Hypericum canariense effort as well as a tidal

marsh proposal for Limonium ramosissimum and L. duriusculum.

Central Coast

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See the ID presentation on the 19 priority species. WMA chairs are directing searches to verify infestation sizes and locations identified in their Eradication Workplan.

South Central Coast

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Strategic Plan and Eradication Workplan are complete and funding opportunity spreadsheet distributed. Proposal to eradicate 7 of the priority species has been submitted to WCB for consideration.

South Coast

Strategic Plan drafted. Participants are sharing data/mapping priority species in Calflora.

North Sierra

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Strategic Plan and Eradication Workplan are complete. Two years of treatment are funded by a Calfire Forest Health grant administered through CDFA. Additional funding from the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Climate Adaptation Fund bolsters this effort. This regional effort was funded in part by the TTCF Nature Fund.

Central Sierra

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Participants prioritized 10 eradication and 15 surveillance targets. NFWF PTI has provided two years of funding to eradicate three of the top priority species.

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